they/them | '97 | lanky noodle dumpster firehi I'm mint and I'm a digital artist who likes cool lighting and scenery and does a lot of zines in my free time.

shit i'm probably currently screaming about on twt:- totk (and loz in general)
- ofmd
- sandman
- hades
- bangtan
- pjo
- whatever nostalgic anime has resurfaced on the tl

kpop concert list:BTS LYS Hamilton 180920
BTS LYS CitiField 181006
DAY6 Shoot Me Toronto 181109
DAY6 Gravity NYC 190912
BTS MOTS Toronto
BTS PTD LA 211202
Agust D | Suga Rosemont 230506


I work primarily in photoshop, csp, and procreate

merch design